Good news alert: the “illegal” and the “deadly” rejected

Last month we wrote about two new application for digital billboards in LS5 and LS9. We have some good news to share regarding both of these!

The application in LS9 was rejected on April 19th after the planning officer concluded that the proposed ad would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the locality and detrimental to highway safety. According to the consultation response of the Highways team: “The proposal causes highway safety concerns and cannot be supported.” The decision about this application is definitely great news!

While the status of the application in LS5 is not yet decided, the existing paper billboard installed was never authorised, as we wrote in our blog post. In addition, the proposal is for a Grade II listed building with special historical and architectural interest and character. The Conservation team thus recommends the removal of the unauthorised paper billboard which is currently in place, which also means that we don’t expect that any new digital billboard will be installed. This is brilliant! Well done, AdBlock detectives! We will keep a close eye on this case and make sure that the existing ad is actually removed.

If you have seen or heard about another potential illegal ad infrastructures, you can always contact us. We will investigate the case and come back to you. It is always worth checking for pre-existing permissions as new and illegal structures regularly pop up in the city without any safety, environmental and amenity assessments. If they stay there, undisturbed and unchecked for long enough (=10 years), they get their deemed consent and become legal. That’s why it is so important to uncover these on time, share feedback and hopefully get them removed.

Thank you for your support! Today we celebrate!

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