Our vision at AdBlock Leeds is for a city free of corporate advertisement for happier lives and stronger communities.

AdBlock Leeds is opposed to corporate advertising, which damages the environment, creates overconsumption, negatively impacts mental health, spreads miscommunication and sexist and racist stereotypes, and generally favours an unsustainable system. We have a positive vision for urban systems.

We started AdBlock Leeds in November 2019 and are still in the process of adding content to the website. If you need more info or have any feedback do not hesitate to contact us.

We are part of a wider Adfree Cities network with a shared vision (why we are here) and values (the core principles that guide us, who we are and how we work together). You can find more about our shared vision and values here.

Our activities

  • We object to new and existing advertising infrastructure in Leeds. We also support residents in opposing planning applications for new advertisement developments.
  • We uncover the various negative impacts of advertisement on the environment and our society. You can see our resources pages for some relevant science.
  • We engage with the general public and policy makers and raise awareness about ad-related issues in Leeds and other places. You can check out our events for future conversations and engagement.

How to get involved

  • You can write to us if there are any advertisements that you know of that you would like to see removed – we are happy to discuss some options and provide support
  • Join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook for our latest updates and calls-to-action
  • Come to a monthly meeting which are open to all

We apologize for any cookies on our website. We are currently looking into ways to improve our website and run a completely ad-free and cookie-free website. If you have any capacity to help us out with that, feel free to get in touch.

Together we can reclaim our public spaces! We hold regular meetings where we welcome everyone to join. Here you can check out when the next one is happening!