Leeds: let’s get rid of harmful ads

We are calling on Leeds City Council to put a ban on advertisement for harmful products. Sign our petition and share it wide and far!

In the recent years, several statements have been made by the Leeds City Council with the aim of improving the wellbeing of Leeds residents and shifting towards a sustainable, net-zero city. In particular

We welcome these statements and believe that, in line with them, Leeds City Council should have a strict policy about what products can be advertised in the city. In particular, we propose that outdoors advertisement for the following products should not be allowed:

  • Food and drinks high in fat, salt or sugar
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gambling
  • High carbon products such as fossil fuel companies, thermal engine vehicles or airlines

These products are established as damaging to our society and some of them are already subjected to advertisement restrictions. It is in the interest of our local communities to extend these restrictions to all outdoors advertisement. Details on how these products are harmful are given in the full letter linked below.

You can find the petition on this link.

Similar bans have been taken by the Bristol City Council and Transport for London. As far as we know, there are currently no bans on advertisement for high carbon products anywhere in the world, although cities like Liverpool or Amsterdam have recently taken the first steps towards such a legislation.

It is important to note that banning advertising for a product is not the same as banning the product itself. A good example is the ban of tobacco advertising, which was prohibited in 2003 after decades of public health campaigning.

Leeds has the opportunity to lead the way and implement an advertisement policy that has the wellbeing of its residents at its core.

The full version of this letter with references and figures can be found here: https://adblockleeds.files.wordpress.com/2021/04/full-letter-accompanying-the-petition-by-adblock-leeds-3.pdf

More information about the negative consequences of corporate outdoors advertisement can be found in this post.

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