Rejected application for a digital billboard on York Road!

Anoter success for the community of Leeds this year!

The application for replacing a paper billboard with a digital one in 272 York Road was rejected on the grounds of amenity, thanks for all your objections as they really made a difference!

This billboard was not only going to be an eyesore for the community, bombarding them with ads pushing for overconsumption. It would also have been merely meters away from the windows of a home, and we can’t imagine how it would have been trying to sleep at night there…

After acknowledging the comments received, the officer’s report states that “the installation of a digital screen in a prominent, elevated position, would have an adverse impact upon visual amenity and the character of the area.” They also agree with us that the billboard would be disturbing at night and that “any level of illumination no matter how low would still be considered create concerns”. You can see the full report of the planning officer here.

Thanks so much to everyone who objected, let’s reclaim our pubic spaces together!

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