We already live in a world where our windows look towards … huge digital billboards! Time to object!

There is a new application for a digital billboard at Rajas Curry House 272 York Road Leeds LS9 9DN. The official deadline for objections has already passed but luckily we can still submit objections until the planning meeting.

Here is how you object:
 – follow the link to the planning portal here
 – open the comments tab and log in with your credentials
 – write a few lines about why you think it is a bad idea to have a new billboard there
(you can find more ideas on what grounds to object here)

What is particularly shocking about this application is that the current billboard is just metres away from the windows of a house. Just think about what it will be like living with that every day? All other houses in Dawlish crescent, Dawish Rd and Back Victoria Grove will also be affected at night by the light pollution of the ad. Even with the levels of luminance proposed by the applicant, such lighting at night will have an adverse effect on the sleep of the local residents, and so their wellbeing and health. What is the cost of that and how is that accounted for in the application? Of course it isn’t …

Rajas Curry House 272 York Road Leeds LS9 9DN

Together with light pollution, other usual suspects are there as well:

  • Massive energy use (the equivalent of 14 – 48 median UK households) and the associated climate change effects. Leeds city council and the UK have declared climate emergency and the continuous overconsumption generated by advertising and the energy required to run the ads and the associated infrastructure is working against that goal and the transition to a cleaner economy.
  • Road safety – The highway team made no objection to the conditions of the ad. Still they recognise that the proposed LED screen is aimed at motorists on the A64 and it’s main purpose is to distract them from looking at the road in order to sell them things.
  • Amenity – they should really ask the local residents about that. What is their idea of a nice window view and also importantly what isn’t?

Last few days to object to this application.

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