Digital 8×5 m billboard application on the land close to the Eastgate Roundabout

There is a new application to the Leeds City Council to build a new hotel in LS2 on the land between Eastgate Roundabout, Dyer Street And St Peters Street A61. As a part of that they plan to also put up a giant digital advertisement screen on one of the facades of the hotel. Deadline for objections is on Monday, November 18th, 2019.

To make a comment to this application, click here to visit the Council’s planning portal, and enter the reference of the application: 19/06528/ADV

The digital screen is of height 8.3 metres and width 4.8m
Here is the exact location of the suggested development

Below are some suggestions that you could include in your comment. If you raise any of these points in your objection, please do so in your own words.

  • This development would be a distraction to drivers and would therefore increase the risk of road traffic accidents.  Putting a digital screen in what is already a very busy and demanding setting will create unnecessary distractions for drivers and make it even more dangerous for cyclists.
  • The development will waste a large amount of energy to install and maintain and will only exist to perpetuate unnecessary consumption. Leeds City Council has declared climate emergency and should therefore reject this development on the grounds that it is damaging, wasteful and contradicting the city’s long-term objective to be carbon neutral.
  • The development should be rejected on the grounds of amenity as it will bring harm and discomfort to people living and working close by.
  • The cumulative effect of developments should also be considered such as existing advertising units and digital displays. There are already multiple such developments in the area, such as those on Eastgate, Dyer Street and York Street (see the map below). There are also multiple new developments planned to replace existing advertising units with digital displays such as those outside the York bus station. Adding more digital TV-like distractions is only making an already cluttered area more dangerous.
Source: Bubble (taken on November 17th, 2019)

When making comments you can speak for yourself but also be an advocate for others from your community that you know have been negatively affected by such developments.

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