How to object to new advertising billboards?

Here you can learn how you can object to the construction of new advertising billboards or any advertisement unit in Leeds. You can follow these steps to object to individual applications, though it is of course always encouraged to let the local council know how you feel about advertisements in your area in general.

Here is our guide:

  1. Go to There you can find all applications that have been submitted to the Leeds City Council.
  1. If you know the reference number of the application you are objecting to, you can enter it in the Search field, as shown in the image below. A reference looks generally like this: 19/06528/ADV

You can also search yourself for current applications for billboards, by typing for example Advertisement or Advertising, or search for developments in specific areas and postcode.

  1. Once you have found the relevant application, go the Comments tab on top, as shown in the picture below:

You will need to register the first time you make a comment, where you will be asked for a name, email, password and address. Note that the address will be visible to anyone going on the application page!

  1. You can then set your commenter type (most likely as Neighbour response), state that you object to the application and write a comment where you explain why:

According to our friends at Adblock Bristol, “there are two legal arguments to object on:

  • Harm to Safety – e.g a big illuminated screen with changing images would pose a danger to car drivers and others on and around the road.
  • Harm to amenity – this is harder to define, but it broadly means that the proposal doesn’t fit with the character, feel and function of the area.”

You can definitely write more if you think it is relevant, for example about the energy consumption of a digital screen. It is especially worth mentioning if you live in the area, how it will affect you that a new billboard is going to be built, etc. The more objections the better, so do not hesitate to share the information with other people.

  1. Finally, if you want to write to your local councillors and let them know how you feel about advertisement in your area in general, you can find their contacts here.

We are always happy to hear about your experience. Feel free to reach out whether it is with a positive example of an objection that worked, or a frustration with the local planning. If anything is unclear please let us know.

Last updated on November 10th, 2019

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