AdBlock Leeds events this autumn

We finally had our launching event! On the 13th November, about two years after starting AdBlock Leeds, we finally had an official event to share what this is all about and invite new members to join the cause.

We had several speakers, who presented different aspects of the fight against corporate advertising. First, Loup (co-founder) gave an introduction to AdBlock Leeds presenting the vision, learnings from past experiences and actions one can do to oppose corporate advertising in the city. Then, Diana (co-founder and environmental researcher) presented about the social and environmental impacts associated with as well as ways to reduce such negative effects. Robbie from Adfree Cities chaired an interactive session with the attendees and spoke more broadly about anti-ad activism globally. The launching event was a great success with new passionate members joining and the old ones getting a boost of energy! It finished with an informal chat on how to reshape society over hot drinks at the cafe close by.

Keeping the momentum, we had an early December meeting discussing how to achieve our positive vision for happier people and stronger communities free from corporate advertising. During this session, new and old members discussed about concrete actions AdBlock Leeds can take, among which, to democratise public spaces, establish relationships with local councillors, raise awareness about the issues around advertising or bring more art into the streets of Leeds. This session felt both empowering and hopeful!

We’ll have another workshop in January, get in touch if you want to help making Leeds a city free of corporate advertisement!

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